AQ Video Converter Platinum

AQ Video Converter Platinum 1.70.309

A converter with profiles for most devices


  • Many devices are covered
  • Very simple
  • Conversion options can be configured


  • Doesn't do anything other similar apps don't


When most people want to convert a video, they don't really care whether it's AVI or MPEG, just that they want it to work on their iPod, PSP or whatever device they have. AQ Video Converter Platinum comes with a large range of supported device formats, so you don't have to think about the technical side, just what you are converting for.

The interface of AQ Video Converter Platinum will be familiar to anyone who's tried a video converter before - you have a button for adding your video files, drop down menus for choosing the conversion profile, a window to preview the video, and a big Start button to do your conversions.

The video preview window is small, but comes with a snapshot button, so you can take screen shots of your videos too (in the original format size). Conversion speed is fine, and in the registered version you can perform batch conversions. The demo only does one, and also sticks a big opaque watermark in the center of the converted video, so it's really only useful as an evaluation of the converter.

With many converters offering only one type of conversion (AVI to iPhone, for example), it's nice that AQ Video Converter Platinum tries to be comprehensive. For the more advanced users you can create your own conversion settings too, as well as editing the video length, and adding your own watermark.

AQ Video Converter Platinum is a passable video converter suitable for anyone who doesn't want to worry about technical details.

AQ Video Converter Platinum


AQ Video Converter Platinum 1.70.309

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    excellent video converters! .
    I feel it is very easy to use. It is able to convert most frequently formats with...   More